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Green wool with suede braided shoulder strap

Knitted & Felted Purses - Plus Unique Accessories

We specialize in knitting purses and a few speciality products out of 100% wool yarn and then felt (shrink) them. We then hand finish them with a wide variety of new, recycled or original creations for the handles, straps and adornments. Everything we make is unique. You can select from a wide range of one-of-a kind felted purses and accessories.   We also do special orders - just give us a call or send an email with what style, colors and finishings you are interested in.

Red Trtleneck

We Specialize In Unique Designs

We knit with 100% wool yarn and then we felt it - wash it in the washing machine.  The hot water opens the wool fibers and the agitation of the washer shrinks and condenses it into a sturdy piece.  We sometimes use non-wool yarn with the wool for different styles.  We buy most all of our yarns locally and we love shopping.

We decide on the finishings - handles, straps, closures, buttons, beads, pins - the list is endless - and we hand finish each item.  We bead, macrame, braid or felt handles and sometimes use recycled or new belts, chains, leather, cords, guitar strings or anything else we can find that is fun and interesting.  We use new and vintage pins, buttons, earrings, charms and even make our own jewelry for the finishing touchs.  One of our unique designs includes zippered scarf purses - we knited the pockets out of wool, then felt them.  Then the pockets are connected with non-wool knitted yarn around your neck.  

We use a variety of wonderful wool yarns and for the most part we can tell you what brand and type of yarn is used on any product. Wool prices can vary greatly and we base the selling price of the product on the materials and time. 

It is easy to care for our wool products.  If soiled, wipe with damp cloth and lay flat or shape to original shape to dry.  Store as you would any fine wool products.  

The Three Sisters Story

We are three sisters, Gloria, Toni and Carol, who decided years ago  that we could do something fun by knitting and felting purses for ourselves.  Then we began receiving so many compliments and inquiries that we decided to start selling them.

We  couldn't stop there - we have designed scarf purses with zippers, dog and cat totes, cell phone holders, wine cosys, slippers and even pet toys.   We've had so much fun and the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people while knitting, shopping and at the shows we do that we just can't stop.


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